Autonomous cars: When will be they on our roads?

Elon Musk and his company Tesla work daily to develop autonomous vehicles. The modern autonomous cars are many small problems. So we have to solving all those problems to do an autonomous car better.

I think the good idea if we are putting the whole system together. Any time before, we did not even dream of the possibility of traveling by car without human input. Now the industry calls it “level 5 autonomy”.

When will be autonomous cars on our roads?

There are some main challenges to the safe introduction of fully autonomous cars. It is the main task to overcome such problems before we use autonomous cars on the roads. We will see autonomous cars on our roads at soon when the biggest obstacles will be decided for them using.

1. Work of sensors in different weather conditions

Autonomous cars need a broad set of sensors to “see” the environment around them. Sensors are providing to detect next objects: pedestrians, other vehicles and road signs. Autonomous cars need the cameras to view object. Lasers are measuring the distance between vehicles and other objects. Radar are used to determine the direction and speed of objects. The car`s control system receives all necessary data from sensors.

The car`s control system receives all necessary data from sensors. And then the computer make the decisions about where to steer and when to brake after analysis these data. 

One of the main factors of safely using autonomous cars is sensing capability accuracy of sensors. The data from sensors must be maximal accuracy in any weather, by the different traffic. The sensors have to work anywhere on the planet in all weather conditions.

2. Artificial intelligence of autonomous car

The processing of data from sensors influences to make decisions about next actions. The Artificial intelligence are using for these processes. Autonomous system have to identify and classify objects according to the special algorithms. This approach will be conducive to obtaining reliable information about the road.   Then the car will use this information to avoid a detected object.

Manufacturers are working to do objects detection and classification more efficiently than a human driver can. For this, the car must be self-learning. What is the machine learning? Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through driving experience. So, maybe we will see the autonomous cars on our road when the machine learning algorithms will be advanced, tested and validated.

3. Machine learning

The Machine learning will be available once an autonomous car is on the road. Its software will be updates after detecting objects which hasn’t come across during its training. Autonomous cars need to be able to show that they are safe and that the autonomous system doesn’t forget learned safe behaviour.

4. Regulation of Autonomous cars driving

For safely using an autonomous car we need to create general standards and regulations for a whole autonomous system. These standards for the safety of autonomous vehicles will be able to assume the presence of car without driver on the road. Every one of us understands that without recognize basis regulations and standards, no autonomous car will make it on to the open road.

5. Social acceptability for car buyers

Social acceptability of autonomous cars is just an issue of time. The gradual spread of autonomous cars on our roads and absence numerous high-profile accidents involving autonomous vehicles can be resolving of this problem.

Before we see autonomous cars on the roads it is necessary to make the car safe and provide evidence of that safety. And so we will see these cars on the track for at soon. In any case, before we can see autonomous cars on the road, automakers must decide these hard problems around safety, assurance, regulation and acceptance.

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