Car design process

Car design

Car design is the process include developing the appearance and the car`s ergonomics. Producing of new car model require to create a new styling and design, which should be attractive and comfortable, so these cars` models will be popular among people.

How to design a car

How to design a car

The first step is deciding what model will fit into market category. You can choose some different variants like family car, hatchback or luxury executive car.  Many automotive engineers know to become a good car designer you need working in this area and give more and more experience.

The second step is chose between front- or rear-wheel drive using. This choice should be made along with engineering and packaging decisions, which do your car project more exclusive.

Some time ago the automotive engineers thought about chassis building process and then styling of body. Today, the look is one of the most important means to cars` model popularization.

Future trends

By designing process of new car model you need forecasting about future trends for three-five years ahead. Because we need time for producing this model, before the finished car appears in the showroom.

Future trends

Each automotive engineer should understand that the public may take some time to get used new model.  Fashion trends do not change immediately. The model has to looks more optimal. It is not means that the designer’s freedom choice is limited, but the car should be practicality.

The main method to creating of new car`s design prepare dozen different sketches and drawings to estimate different ideas for the new models. Then engineer is choosing one or two most interesting designs. Such method will give you chance to see how suitable these models are for production. When sketches have been chosen, they are making models of clay in scale. Of course there are modern computer-controlled design studios which do model making process more efficiency.

When clay models is finished, they can be adjustments by add or remove small amounts of clay.  This method provide to create ideal car`s clay models.  Sometimes are creating full-size plastic car`s models to give a more realistic view.

Car modeling in Solid Works

Car modeling in Solid Works

More detail planning for mass-production of a car is doing on the powerful computers. For these purposes are using the appropriate software like Solid Works. These programs help to design a new car on screen, make it any color, and rotate it so that it can be viewed from any angle.

On the Solid Works program, you can also design the following car parts:

  • How to design a car body;
  • How to design a crankshaft;
  • How to design an engine block;
  • How to design a camshaft;
  • How to design a cylinder head;
  • How to design a piston.
How to design a crankshaft

Such modern method is quicker than the drawing by hand and then doing a clay model. After three-dimensional model creation the designer feeds coded information to a milling machine by the computer. Computerization of car modeling process does the work of designer easier.

Many modern cars look the same because the modern trends dictate the fashion on the cars. Also different designers are faced with the same problems that can be a reason of cars` design similarities.

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