Gearbox Manufacturing Process

New Gearboxes Manufacturing

That`s very interesting watching New Gearboxes Manufacturing. You can spend some free time witnessing new transmissions get put together. Such information doesn`t kill your time, because it useful for your knowledge. Please read the article of transmissions coming together at an Indiana factory to know more about it.

This information comes to this website from the Indiana`s Kokomo and Tipton transmissions plants. We will see different manufacturing processes to create gearboxes from start to the finish. You can see how modern assembly line works.  Also, we get to see the castings process, the gear sets installing, and all of the necessary bolts, pans, and mounting points put on the gearbox.

Providing the manufacturing of the modern Gearboxes need a dedicated clean gearbox assembly area where gear boxes and sub-assemblies are built and tested to meet specification. Gear manufacturing capabilities and extensive manufacturing facility do this process cheaper. All  transmissions which produced by this plants  will eventually end up in Grand Caravans, Dodge Journeys, Chrysler 300s,  Jeep Grand Cherokees, Chargers, Challengers, Durangos and Ram 1500s.

So if you want to buy one of those cars, it’s likely them transmission came from this plant.

Manufacture of gears consists of several processing operations:

  • preforming the blank (without or with teeth);
  • process of forged or cast steels need annealing of the blank;
  • machining preparation of the gear blank to the required dimensions;
  • machining producing teeth or forming teeth;
  • surface hardening of the gear teeth;
  • Shaving and  grinding teeth;
  • Inspection of the finished gearboxes.
Gearbox Manufacturing Process from the Kokomo and Tipton transmissions plantsin Indiana (Video)

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