Honda amaze airbags

Honda will be producing amaze injury-reducing airbags. The major purpose of this airbag is helping to reduce injuries by car`s crash. Near time, Honda will begin create new cars with advanced-design passenger-airbag. Such amaze airbag with passenger side will set at soon.

Automobile Society is moving swiftly to the advanced automotive technology that can provide our safe and comfort by driving.  Automotive engineers said that this airbag is special designed to mitigate brain and neck injuries by cradling the head.

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How Honda airbag works  

Honda experts said that the main idea of this technology is reducing rotation acceleration of the head by the crash. The airbag allows the passenger to be in the optimum position. So this amazing airbag reduces the traumatize risk of brain.

Honda Airbag Construction

The new airbag includes three inflatable chambers, with the two outside portions angling across the dashboard. Connections of external chambers form a kind of sailing panel, which first captures the head and slows down its forward momentum in the direction of the swollen central chamber. The external chambers of the airbag extend, which allows a good grip on the head (while reduce twisting and prevent the head from slipping). Honda engineers are thinking about applying this technology to the driver’s airbag too.

Airbag testing

Airbags testing includes physical collision tests, pedestrian safety studies, and testing and design of a restraint system.

For reference: Honda safety laboratories carry out more than four hundreds tests of airbags per year

To reduce the number of road accidents, Honda plans to equip the cars with Honda Sensing Active Safety Technology on all Honda and Acura models.

To enhance road safety today, Honda uses highly reliable CCTV cameras, a wave radar to provide the necessary safety features such as a collision avoidance braking system (CMBS). CMBS has the ability to automatically stop the car at speeds up to 25 mph, to prevent a collision with a pedestrian or other object on the road.


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