What is car aerodynamics

Car aerodynamics is the special aspect influences drag and wind noise. One of the main goals of the car manufacturers is fuel efficiency, so they take into account all the factors that influence it. And car aerodynamics is one of them.

What is car aerodynamics

Today you can see many cars on the road with same styles, because manufacturers’ designers have the same problems. They want to provide the best car aerodynamics, but it possible just using certain shapes of a car body. Aerodynamic efficiency – is one of the aspects of car design that influences on saving fuel. The best way to reduce the fuel consumption is reducing air resistance to a minimum. The reducing of air drag coefficient do possible reaching a higher top speed. Many manufacturers do the emphasis on aerodynamic, try to make each successive car model more aerodynamically — than the previous one.

Drag coefficient of a car

The aerodynamic efficiency of a car’s shape is measured by drag coefficient. Thanks to the use of optic body shapes on modern cars, the drag coefficient was reduced from 1.25 to 0.28.

For calculation the total amount drag acting on the car body you need coefficient of drag multiplies by frontal area of a body.

As cars have become faster the aerodynamic efficiency becomes critically important, because aerodynamic drag increases with the square of speed;

car aerodynamics by the cornering at high speed

It is important to ensure car is stability not only through in a straight line wind, but when wind is blowing on to it from the side, especially by the cornering at high speed.

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