Car Parameters

Overall dimensions of car is determinated of them appointment. For road vehicles, the transverse dimensions must not exceed 2.5 meters in width and 3.8 meters in height. Overall length of car must not exceed 12 meters.

Geometric parameters of passability

Geometric parameters of passability determine possibility car moving on different types of roads. There are some car passability parameters which especially important:

  • Vehicle clearance ©;
  • Passage angles of the vehicle (front and rear );
  • The sum of the internal angles of passage (;
  • Body overhangs (front ;
  • Longitudinal R1 and transverse R2 radii of passability;
  • Depth of ford;

The required values ​​of the geometric parameters of the cross-country ability differ depending on the types of vehicles.

Geometric parameters of the cross-country ability

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