The Force of Gravity on a Car

Reducing the car’s own weight without reducing its strength and reliability is an important task for the automotive industry, since this increases the weight of the transported cargo, increases the dynamic qualities and economy of the car, as well as the productivity of transport work for the transportation of goods.

The main ways to reduce vehicle weight:

  • Careful design of parts to avoid excess weight;
  • Application of materials of increased strength;
  • Use of lightweight materials and plastics;                          
  • Optimal approach to vehicle layout.

The weight of the transported cargo significantly depends on the type of road and the condition of its surface, the speed of the vehicle. The weight characteristic of a car can be estimated by the curb weight coefficient.

Where G0 – vehicle weight; Gc – car carrying capacity.

Truck Odds KT Chart

Truck Odds KT Chart

For vehicles with a gross weight of less than 7-8 tonnes, the carrying capacity is equal to the equipped vehicle weight. As the total weight increases, the KT decreases to 0.75-0.8. The KT values ​​are especially high for light vehicles with a gross weight of less than 1.5 tonnes.

The progress of automotive technology with a systematic decrease in its own weight determines the reality of the following values.

Gc  1,5    3      5      8-12

KT  1,15  0,8   0,7   0,6-0,65

Weight of individual truck units (% of chassis weight

Weight of individual truck units

The maximum full weight of a loaded vehicle is determined by the carrying capacity of the tires and the number of its axles. The total weight of the vehicle consists of the weight of the individual units and the weight of the transported cargo.

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