When will cars Fly

When will cars Fly

More recently, we could only dream about it. We saw a flying car only in films. A film like the 5th element predicts the future of flying cars well. Impressive special effects fully reveal the essence of using a flying car. This dream can only be compared with robots, which we also saw in the famous movie “Terminator”. As life shows, the most unpredictable science fiction will soon become our reality. Therefore, a flying car, I think, will not be an exception and will appear in our sky soon. To get closer to the idea of a flying car, we need to understand what it is.

What is a flying car

A flying car is a personal air vehicle or aircraft, which you may using as a ground and an air transportation.

Different futurologists predicted the appearance of flying cars, but these phrases finished only “talking about it”. So many Americans jokes at our time and ask, “Where is my flying car?”

Flying cars are commercial reality or a bad joke

Many skeptics believe that a flying car cannot become an everyday ordinary vehicle, because it will lead to various kinds of problems. Just think about such questions: how the rules of heavenly movement will be regulated, how to make this type of transport safe and how much a flying car will change our lives. Imagine that we take all our cars off the road into the air. It will be a dump in the sky. The scale of the introduction of a flying car is a little scary, so making this step will be very difficult.

The well-known companies Airbus and Boeing are working on such projects. German Volocopter wants to create a flying taxi in Singapore. Yes, yes, a real flying taxi. I will not be surprised that in 5-10 years this will become a reality. Because, as a separate type of local movement within certain scalable limits, it looks quite real.

In addition to issues of traffic regulation and safety of flying cars, it is worth paying attention to the financial component of the project. Who can afford flying cars? How much will a flying car cost? What is the production price of a flying car?

The answers to these questions can be definitive and clearly give an answer to the use of flying cars in everyday life.

Flying cars in the sky today?

The human brain cannot be stopped. Each time he comes up with something new, and if everything is already occupied on the earth, we will begin to conquer the sky, space or intergalactic space. The future will show how reasonable a person is in order not to destroy himself with technology, but to make this world more beautiful.

At the stage of designing flying cars, we observe the development of technologies that can ultimately lead to the introduction of a flying car in everyday life.

So in recent times, the use of lighter composite materials has been observed, new and modern software has been released. And most importantly, battery technology is developing. Indeed, battery technology is a barrier, breaking that we will get to the widespread use of electric cars, which will lead to the use of electric flying cars. Perhaps they will be called ElectroFly.

When will flying cars come out

There are many car manufacturers interested in entering flying cars into the market. One of these companies is Toyota, which is developing technologies in the field of building flying machines. So in 2020 at the Olympics, we will see a flying Skydrive from Toyota in action.

Toyota flying cars come out

The time when flying vehicles will be invented has already come. Many just confuse the question. Most likely people are interested, – “when will we fly on flying cars?”.

Many resources on mechanics report that in the near future we will not have to drive a flying car. In addition, you must understand that, according to current rules, the device that flew into the air is clearly not considered a car. Most likely this is a mini plane. And such a plane can only be operated by pilots with special permission and relevant documents.

mini plane

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