Coronavirus Outbreak: drive less on public transport – use own vehicle

What can help save from the coronavirus?

An additional opportunity not to get infected with a coronavirus can be the using of a personal car, because in a car you are isolated from the possibility of getting infected with a coronavirus.

While driving, wear a mask, use special ointments, as there is a possibility that it will save you.

Large traffic jams may occur on the road, which will increase driving time. After all, you are not the only ones thinking about how to save yourself from the coronavirus. Worldwide, actions are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus.

This option of rescue from coronavirus is quite acceptable, and it cannot be ignored.

How to safe the car drivers from the coronavirus?

How to safe the car drivers from the coronavirus
How to safe the car drivers from the coronavirus?

Don`t out less of the car to avoid direct contact with virus carriers. Insulation can be improved. Own relatives should be left at home if they have the opportunity to refuse car travel.

In this case, the presence of an electric car will be very appropriate, because we can recharge it at home. Accordingly, you do not have to make contact with carriers of the coronavirus at a gas station.

Try to be as careful as possible, perhaps excessive kindness can play a trick on you when you a ride someone.

Each of your potential passengers can be the carrier of this dangerous virus.

Another way to protect yourself from the coronavirus is to more often carry out wet cleaning in the car, more often to ventilate it in the fresh air.

How public drivers protect themselves from coronavirus infection

This is already understandable, the larger the crowd, the greater the chance of getting infected. We can say that drivers of public transport and taxis were not lucky, because they work in potentially dangerous places where the virus spreads. In this case, you should resort to preventive measures: wash your nose with salt more often, use masks, maintain immunity with a healthy diet and vitamins, do not take money by your hands (use contactless payment), do not pull your hands to your face, wash your hands more often.

Be healthy. Use all possible methods not to get infected with coronavirus. Using a personal car is one of them.

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