Self-driving cars – New Technology of Safer Transportation

Many companies like Ford, Tesla, VW and BMW are thinking about the arrival of autonomous vehicles to our roads. The main task that they need to decide to anticipate what other drivers and pedestrians will do. We are staying by the way to ushering in an age of driverless cars. The first step of this is putting thousands of self-driving taxis on the road.

However, several carmakers companies have concluded that producing autonomous vehicles is going to be slower and costlier than they thought. So to get the purpose they should teaming up to tackle the self-driving challenge. Autonomous cars are testing road situations every day and encountered with different unexpected.

For example, the wrong way down a busy street between other vehicles and pedestrians. Also there may be different situations on the road, the appearance of incomprehensible objects on the road, which mislead car sensors.

Autonomous car should be able to handle all kinds of crazy things on the road because they’re not all that infrequent. These cars can detect and identify the objects on a street but they can`t anticipating what they’re going to do next.

 Several automotive companies announced that it would also start a taxi service at soon with vehicles that have no steering wheels or pedals.

Autonomous taxi
Autonomous Taxi

Such incredible optimism attracted many investors which are waiting wide spread of autonomous car tomorrow already. The unbridled confidence was fast dented when a self-driving car being tested killed a woman walking a bicycle across a street. It was the first pedestrian death involving a self-driving vehicle which failed to detect and react to hazards.

Great hopes in promoting autonomous cars on our roads are pinned on Elon Musk, who promised the mass production of autonomous cars in 2020.

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