VW Golf 8 review

VW Golf 8 review

We are talking about new version all known car VW Golf 8. We are looking advantages of this car and answer the question why buy VW Golf 8.

Each usual driver want to buy a car with good performance and exclusive design, because it is the best variant to show myself. The second driver`s dream is to buy a car with economy engine and more ergonomics shape that provide good performance.

VW Golf 8 review

What is VW Golf?

Most drivers have been meet to the different engine problems, suspension and other difficult car`s malfunction on the road. There is no much good. So each of us are looking something that will be more efficiency, reliable and not expensive.

We heard a good news that lately the pick of the Golf’s engine line-up has been the 1.5-litre TSI fitted with 48-volt mild-hybrid tech.  Most automotive experts don`t believe any diesel-propelled Golf will ever again enjoy such popularity, but we have new Mk8 version.  Volkswagen’s engineers said that TDI power is cleaner than the equivalent petrol model.

There are main advantages of VW Golf 8

  1. Using ‘Twin-dosing’ system that hits exhaust gases with Ad Blue.  This system provide to cut nitrogen oxide concentrations by 80% compared to the old VW Golf;
  2. The economy figure is better 60mpg by WLTP standards;
  3. Engine volume is two litres;
  4. Car completes seven-speed dual-clutch or six-speed manual transmission;
  5. Easygoing driveability;
  6. Ride-quality is  good and comfortable;
  7. The VW Golf architecture has cabin and materials with good quality. 

I don`t know the exact price of the car or how far VW Golf will go on a tank of fuel. Mk7, the Mk8 Golf are really most attractively in this class.

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