Alternator installation for 1965 Mustang

130 AMP 3G Alternator Installation for 1965 Mustang

  • «A» Terminal to B+ Terminal
  • «S» Stator terminal to single wire Stator Connector
  • «I» Terminal to Hot in RUN/START

Cars with GEN or ALT Warning Lamp

Alternator Installation for 1965 Mustang

Warning lamp acts as an «exciter» to start alternator operation.


A resistor can be wired into the circuit to ensure alternator operation in the warning lamp burns out.

Cars with 5 Gauge Cluster

Alternator Terminal – 560 ohm – Ignition Switch (hot when key is in Run/Start).

The charge wire must be at least 6GA capable of handling 130+ AMPs to prevent fire or damage due to overheating.

Warning Lamp or Ignition Switch («terminal wire from old regulator setup).


In this example: Motorola brand Alternator and Harness from 1993 Ford Taurus

  • Clip wires from donor car long enough to modify like drawing;
  • Remove the pulley from the 3G. Use a 15/16 socket. If necessary, put a bolt through one of the holes in the front of the alternator to engage the internal cooling fan. Choose a hole with a lot of metal to it will break;
  • Remove the V-grove pulley from the original 65 AMP alternator;
  • Install the V-grove pulley without the fan;


Do not over tighten the pulley or damage will occur to the front bearing and/or housing. The correct torque is 60-100 lbs.;

Install the alternator. If the belt squeals, some trial and error may be required to align the alternator – add or remove shims behind the pulley or at the top mounting hole.

There are several mounting configurations available on the 3G. The correct one is with the mounting holes 180 degrees apart, like the original 65AMP alternator.

The distance between the mounting holes on the original is 7 inches. The Taurus 3G is 8 ½ inches. The Mustang 3G may be different. It may be necessary to modify the bottom mounting bracket.

Add 3 inches to the end of the lower bracket.

Use at your own risk.

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