Brake cables: Checking and Renewing or Handbrake Cable Replacement

The handbrake does not working, so you want to replacement the handbrake cable. Each driver meets to such problems sometimes. Where is handbrake cable layout?

Firstly you need to find an adjuster screw, which is located between the brake lever and the wheels. Many cars have the similar handbrake the system. Cables stretch with use so you need regular checking this element and if needs to lubrication it.

You need check the handbrake if you feel it has become weak. Regularity of checking is between 6000-10000 miles usually.

Checking Handbrake

Before raising a car chock the wheels. Then raise the car and remove the wheels. Your task is looking over the whole length of the cables for fraying. Inspect carefully where the cable is bent. If you see cracks of casing it is bad so there is letting a water inside. Such defect can be a reason of cable rusting.  

Check that cable is clean, sound and lubricated. If it is no, clean everything thoroughly and smear them with brake grease. See it has any wear. One of the most popular trouble that reduces braking power the clevis pins are worn in the middle. It needs to renew a waisted pin. Don`t remember to grease all parts during reassembly.

Map for replacing a handbrake cable

During the cable dismantle make the notes to avoid confusion later. One or two cables start above the floor and pass through it. Twin cables are fixed via adjuster screws to side of the lever. Each cable is adjusted separately and goes to one of the brakes. A primary cable is fixed to an arm below the lever by a clevis pin. The secondary cable runs across the equaliser, its ends being connected to one of the brakes. You can need remove an equaliser to free the cable from it.

Parts of cable may run inside flexible casings which held by abutment brackets on the frame. You can be adjusted one end of a casing on the bracket by locknuts. Some cars have the primary cable runs either directly to the rear axle where it works a secondary cable. You can use scheme how to replace a handbrake cable DIY.

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