Car electrical problem diagnosis

Evolution of a car, which we observe during last years, is result of new technological decisions and car producer`s marketing racing. Constantly, each car producer trying to stay the first among competitors. They facing with eternal dilemma, which each one trying to solve in their own way: to create cheap car or to create the finest car. But it is impossible to create both an affordable and most quality car the same time.

Technology and comfort

Talking about technological decisions, the acceptance process of the product on the market is gradual. In the end of 90th, we observed the rise of popularity of combustion engine. Then we saw the fall, which was cause by rise in fuel price and ecological issues. Then the era of electric vehicles came (or cars working on electricity), which became a new step in car industry.

Manufacturers pay enough attention to the comfort of a car. Of course, the comfort of the car plays a vital role for both the driver and passengers. It is so pleasure to turn the switch with a slight movement of your hand to find your favorite radio station. Or press on a button and turn on air conditioner to feel yourself comfortable even though it`s boiling hot outsight. We all like power, beauty, comfort and elegance.

car electrical equipment

All of these conveniences require great amount of electrical equipment, which need right using, timely maintenance, diagnosis and repair.

Car Electrical Equipment

There are whole complex of electrical components and electrical appliances into the car from usual fuses to on-board computers. The brain center of the car coordinates the work of the nodes and mechanisms of the car that influence on comfort and safety in a car. Light vehicles equipped 12V car electrical system, which serves to start the engine, lighting and addition equipment working.

Car Electrical Problem and Electrical Failure

There are main electrical failures in a car:

  • Car doesn`t start;
  • Starter failure;
  • Electrical nodes malfunction with fuses and relays;
  • Strange Light Behavior;
  • Battery discharge;
  • Problems with windshield wipers, power windows, etc.
  • ABS failure.

Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

Diagnosis of the electrical equipment of a car is a systematic set of measures to identify the malfunction of complex electronic components and systems of a car, as well as additional electrical equipment. It is important to check the electrical system right and so it needs use modern diagnosis equipment. In addition, the diagnosis works should doing by professional specialists.  

Why car does not start

If your car doesn’t start, it’s usually caused dying or dead battery, loosed or corroded connection cables, a bad alternator or an issue with the starter.

Electrical diagnosis car includes check next systems:

  • Engine Start System;
  • Alternator;
  • Lighting System;
  • Windshield wipers and power windows;
  • Cruise control System;
  • Heaters and Ventilation System;
  • ABS System;
  • Dashboard;
  • Multimedia System;
  • Electronic Control Automatic Transmission;
  • Connecting wires, etc.

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