Clutch cable replacement

The clutch cable is an important element of the mechanical clutch drive that connects the release fork and clutch pedal. The clutch cable provides the transmission of force from the pedal to the linkage by moving the clutch fork. Thus, the clutch disengages. The mechanical drive is mainly used on small cars and motorcycles. The advantages of a mechanical clutch drive are its simplicity and low cost. The mechanical drive also has its drawbacks as clutch cable wears out.

The clutch cable is a steel core inside the outer shell. The clutch cable is a steel core inside the outer shell. Its service life is at least two years, but it should be checked at every main maintenance, as it may break without warning.

When does clutch cable need to be replaced? The flexible clutch cable wears out quickly and breaks, which leads to its frequent replacement.

If you find signs of clutch cable breaking (the pedal sticks; the pedal moves hard; the pedal has completely failed), you need to know how to change the clutch cable DIY.

What to do if clutch cable breaks?

  • First, stop the car, turn off the engine and turn on the alarm.
  • Open the hood lid and inspect the compartment in the area of ​​the clutch and gearbox assembly.
  • If you find cable damage, do not panic. You can turn on the first gear and get to the service center.
  • If you have good driving skills, you can switch to a higher gear, for this, re-relocation is done at a neutral speed.

Note! Driving with a broken clutch cable will adversely affect the service life of the gearbox, so it is better to call a tow truck if possible.

How to change the clutch cable DIY

Before checking or replacing the clutch cable, support the car on ramps or axle stands and chock the wheels on the ground.

Checking the clutch cable

Disconnect the clutch cable at the gearbox end. In addition, check the cable slides smoothly when you move it by hand. If you feel, the cable does not slide smoothly it can means cable bent at too sharp an angle. If the cable needs grease do it. If the cable damage not found, you only need to adjust the clutch.

Clutch cable adjustment

  • loosen the locknuts;
  • change the location of the clutch cable tip with a nut;
  • adjust the cable tension level and tighten the nuts.

If the adjustment of the cable does not resume the previous stiffness and elasticity by the pedal pressing do the adjustment again.

Clutch cable replacement

  1. disconnect the clutch tip and clutch;
  2. loosen the fixing nuts and pull the cable out of the bracket on the gearbox;
  3. to disconnect a tip of a cable of coupling and a pedal;
  4. remove the cable.

Clutch cable replacement cost

The average cost for a clutch cable replacement is between $150 and $200 at all while parts are priced between $80 and $100.

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