Coil springs replacement Tesla or what to do if the coil spring broken

If you have broken a coil spring on the front suspension, you can doing some welcome suspension upgrades for your Tesla car. Check the correct rating of replacement spring. It is recommended to replace both front springs at once.

Removing and Installing the springs on Tesla Model 3

So, can you do the job yourself? Raise the car with a vehicle lift or a jack. Support it on axle stands beneath the frame. If you use a jack, please ensure that your handbrake is on and chock the rear wheels. After this, you can remove the raised wheel.

Firstly remove the locking pin and then unscrew the track-rod ball-joint nut at the steering arm. Disconnect the joint from the steering arm, by a ball-joint separator. Disconnect and remove the anti-roll bar and tie bar. So, there is no danger of springs flying out or anything when you disconnect the spindle from the upper control arm.

Coil springs replacement

Then you have to loosen the steering- rack U-clamp bolts and move the rack to prevent damage to the lower-wishbone fulcrum bolts and the rack gaiters. After this, you lower the strut. We didn`t have to remove the brake caliper to get the required clearance for getting the strut assembly out.

The damper fitted inside the coil spring must be removed. Place a jack beneath the wheel hub and raise it far enough to relieve the loading on the damper and to remove it.

Remove the damper through the hole in the lower wishbone releasing the upper and lower damper mountings. Lower and remove the jack.

Then compress the spring with compressor clamps. You can use a manual spring compressor tool but it’s a really headache. So it will be easier to swap the springs with a wall-mounted compressor. But you need to go to your local shop to these works.

Some ways to removing the strut’s top hat

  1. Take an impact to it and buzz the nut off and on.
  2. Bolt the top hat in the strut tower. Use a set of conventional spring compressors to take load off the spring. Then you need rotating the fork  of the strut so it will fit over the bushing in the lower control arm. When you did all right, you can remove the spring compressor.
Removing the strut`s top hat Tesla
Tesla Model 3 Suspension Upgrades

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