Engine fault – What`s the reason

There are next symptoms of engine fault which is possible to detect by visual, operational and audible signs.

Engine starts and immediately stalls

What is a reason of engine immediately stalls after start?

  • Check the attachment of the distributor, ignition coil or generator;
  • No vacuum in carburetor, vacuum hoses, intake manifold;
  • Low fuel level in the tank;
  • Idling running doesn`t not adjusted;
  • Fuel system and fuel filter are contaminated;
  • Air damper doesn`t working;
  • Damage of wiring;
  • Exhaust system fault;
  • Fault of spark plugs;
  • Incorrect valve clearances.
reason of engine immediately stalls

Misfire in the cylinders by idling.

  • – Fault of spark plugs;
  • – Damage of high voltage wires;
  • – Oxidation of wire ends;
  • – Fault of distributor breaker;
  • – Short in wiring;
  • – Incorrect  ignition timing;
  • – Low compression in cylinders;
  • – The choke does not work;
  • – Unsuitability of air filters;
  • – fuel nozzle clogged;

What does it mean if the silencer shots:

  • –  spark plug does not work in one of the cylinders;
  • – much rich mixture;

The engine runs unevenly:

  • Cylinder head gasket is damaged;
  • The air damper does not function;
  • The fuel filter is clogged;
  • Fault of spark plugs;
  • Incorrect installation of the ignition timing
  • Bad wiring contact;
  • high voltage wire lugs are oxidized;
  • fault of the ignition coil;
  • exhaust gas recirculation valve is leaking;
  • Clogged crankcase ventilation valve;
  • The air filter is clogged;
  • The fuel pump does not supply the enough amount of fuel;
  • Don`t right valve clearances or the valves are loose.
  • Carburetor or injectors are dirty;
  • The idle running is not adjusted.

Revolutions pulsate when the accelerator is stationary:

  • The fuel pump does not work  right.

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