Fitting new high-tension leads VW golf

Fitting new ht leads VW golf

Fitting new ht leads VW golf

At first, you need understand numbering the plug leads and remember it. Before you dismantle leads, do tags on the each plug lead and write the cylinder number on it.

Then pull the leads off the plugs, also disconnect the coil lead from the coil, then unscrew the distributor cap and take it with all the ht leads attached to it. You should remember that you could use only leads of the right length.

All leads may to deteriorate after long period using, so you can have the problem causing bad starting, misfiring and radio interference. There are two types. Stiff copper-cored leads, which used on older cars. Later cars have carbon-cored leads.

Order of ignition VW GOLF 4 Motor

Carbon leads are sold usually as complete sets, with the distributor and coil connections and plug caps crimped on.

Please note that when fitting or removing plug leads you should always push or pull the cap, and not the lead, to avoid straining the lead.

First, let us consider connecting order of high-tension leads VW Golf 4. Order of ignition on this motor 1-3-4-2.

Also, learn these types of lead and connectors: carbon core, copper core, screw on collar, crimped on terminal and collar, crimped on terminal and rubber dust seal.

types of lead and connectors
Types of lead and connectors
Fitting leads VW Golf 2
Dismantle leads

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