How to install Pistons on Connecting Rods

Secrets to installing pistons on the rods. Correct mutual installation of pistons on connecting rods has own nuances.

How to install pistons on connecting rods correctly

By assembling a V-engine, you should know: the wider chamfer should face the fillet of the crankshaft connecting rod journal. If the chamfers are symmetrical, the connecting rod orientation determines by the position of the “locks” of the liners.

How to install pistons on connecting rods correctly
How to install pistons on connecting rods correctly

Step 1 Preparation

Firstly, it is necessary to check the absence of deformations and distortions using a suitable test device. Prepare the piston and connecting rod according to the installation direction.

Step 2 Piston heating

For easy insertion of the piston pin into the hole, the piston need to heat to a temperature of 40 ° C.

Step 3 Piston pin insert

Then lubricate the piston pin with oil and carefully insert into the hole.

How to fix the piston pin?

Use the snap rings that are included in the kit to fix the piston pin. Remember to check reliable fixing locking rings in the grooves. Lightly rotate the rings for this.  The clearance in the thrust ring must always be in the direction of way of the piston.

Piston and connecting rod assembly

To carry out the connecting rod installation, it musts be heated to a temperature of 280 – 320 ° C (do not with open fire!). Then, a well-oiled cold finger inserts into the connecting rod head. Use a special device with a finger rest to ensure the correct position of the finger in the connecting rod.

Proper piston ring installation also has a few secrets. You can read about it in the article “How to install the piston rings“.

How to install Piston into Cylinder

How to install Piston into Cylinder
How to install Piston into Cylinder

Clean engine block thoroughly. Ensure that all sliding surfaces are clean and well lubricated. A piston ring sleeve to ensure the piston slides freely in the cylinder must squeeze piston rings. In diesel engines, measure the size of the clearance or, accordingly, the size of the piston protrusion.  Follow the manual the manufacturer’s data.

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