How to repair a hole or a leak in exhaust pipe without dismantling

Do you feel smoke and hear loud noise under the car at startup? Those are all signs of exhaust pipe hole. We will try to repair of exhaust pipe with a steel wrap Holts Gun Gum Flexiwrap. It is more attempt to repair exhaust pipe DIY so you need go to repair shop if you want well-done result.

Please seethe hole to patch. Then chock the rear of the vehicle. Apply the hand brake and put the vehicle on special jack stands.

Warning: before you go underneath the vehicle you need supported the vehicle by at least 2 supports.

We will use the Holts Gun Gum Flexiwrap. If you want good result you need step by step to go to the goal.

Repair a hole or a leak in exhaust pipe

Repair a hole or a leak in exhaust pipe

Step №1. Loosen the wrap;

Step №2. Remove all lose dirt and rust of area to be repaired;

Step №3. Test the wrap on the exhaust pipe

 Holts Gun Gum Flexiwrap

Step №4. For ends and bends repair, form the steel wrap to the contours of the area to be repaired.

Step №5. Remove the wrap and apply the paste. I am using protective gloves for this.

Step №6. Refit the wrap and tighten the hose clamp.

Step №7. Apply a second coat of paste to the edges of the wrap.

Finish. Leave 12 hours to harden or run the engine slowly for 20-30 minutes.

After paste hardening, retrieve jack and jack stand and start the engine to check that there is no more leak. If you don`t feel any more leak the exhaust pipe is serviceable.

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  1. I love that you talked about how going to a repair company is necessary if you want a job professionally done since DIY exhaust pipe repair is more difficult. My boyfriend noticed the smoke and loud noises that were coming from the exhaust system in his car. I’ll remind him instantly to get his car’s exhaust system repaired by a professional to ensure that it will be properly done and repaired.

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