How to Repair and Maintain Your Electric Car without Experience

There are many minds EV repair is dearer than combustion engine cars. But, we’ve got some real facts that say the other.
Fact №1. EV has no such a large amount of mechanical components opposite ICE. So it doesn`t require fairly frequency maintenance and repair.
Fact №2. The electrical motor is unlikely to want much attention.
Fact №3. EV doesn`t requirement oil to vary or filters to renew, or cambelt and pump to alter. However, you would like to test individual cells of battery for performance.
Fact №4. The Electric Cars are generally cheaper to stay running via affordable home charging.

How to Maintain and repair your electric vehicle

EV repair require you’ve got to grasp skills, knowledge and techniques required to service and repair vehicles fitted with high voltage batteries / components.


EV`s Transmission is actually maintenance free because the unit is effectively ‘sealed for life’. One gears and differential are that the commonest use.

Cooling system

EVs have a cooling system keeps the battery at optimum temperature. Sometimes you need do the visual inspection of the fluid levels and do the topping up if it necessary.

The rest of an EV is just about the identical as a traditional ICE, which implies it’ll receive similar attention. The utilization of regenerative braking, where resistance within the motor helps slow the car, implies that the standard friction brakes are likely to wish fewer disc and pad changes. That said, once they are used the additional weight of an EV means they’ll be working harder. And, like all hydraulic systems, the brake fluid will have to be changed, something that typically happens every two years.

Suspension and Steering

Suspension and steering components are going to be checked, while tyres are assessed for condition,with an EV’s extra mass and instant torque delivery meaning you’ll expect to determine the next wear rate for the tyres particularly.
Finally, the heating and ventilation are going to be assessed and in most cases the cabin air cleaner changed. The air-conditioning system’s refrigerant levels will be checked and re-charged as necessary.

Where am i able to get my EV serviced?

Although not mechanically complicated, an EV’s use of very high voltage electrical systems means it can require specialist attention if a repair to the current a part of the car is important. Currently meaning for many owners the simplest maintenance option is thru an authorised main dealer. Usually each workshop will have an EV specialist that has been trained specifically for work thereon brand’s electrical models, which suggests not just knowledge of the mechanical bits but also the proper safety equipment and clothing.
However, with some early electric cars approaching a decade old, there are an increasing number of specialist workshops that are ready to work on EVs. Many will have access to the most recent diagnostic equipment plus software that enables them to test the health of the lithium-ion battery pack.

The Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Alliance  features a list of accredited independent EV specialists, all of which are trained on battery powered and hybrid cars and have all the relevant tools and equipment.

EV service

Electric car service intervals

Despite having fewer moving parts to tend to, EVs usually follow an analogous service interval to their combustion cousins. Safety related items like brakes, suspension and tyres need monitoring, so it might be unwise to depart large gaps between professional mechanical service.

Depending on the manufacturer, your requirement to go to a dealer are supported a time and distance basis. as an example, a Nissan Leaf will need attention once a year or 18,000 miles, whichever comes sooner, while a Porsche Taycan’s schedule is 2 years and 20,000 miles. Like its other cars, BMW’s i3 has condition-based servicing, with the onboard computer letting you recognize when attention is due – although the brand recommends a visit a minimum of every two years whether or not the car’s service monitor still calculates that maintenance isn’t required. Either way, it’s best to test your car’s handbook for any specific serving requirements.

Electric car servicing exclusions

Just as with a petroleum or diesel car, there’ll be various exclusions and exemptions when it involves servicing. for example, while all the vital components are going to be checked and fluids topped-up, any consumables that require replacing, like tyres or restraint, will need to be obtained on top of the fundamental service cost. Some manufactures offer all-inclusive servicing packs that do include the replacement of things like tyres and wiper blades, but these plans are often pricey.
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If a component has failed thanks to a producing fault, then if the car remains within warranty it should get replaced freed from charge. However, you’ll be answerable for the replacement of damaged parts or people who have failed outside of the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Electric car servicing costs and maintenance plans

With far fewer components that need attention and therefore the elimination of costly and labour-intensive service items, like oil, filters and a cambelt, maintenance costs are often much lower on an EV. In some cases the value of a visit to the dealer may be the maximum amount as half that of a petroleum or diesel.

As ever, there are two ways to buy maintenance – during a single, one-off payment at each service, or with a prepaid plan. The latter is becoming increasingly popular, as not only does it allow you to budget ahead, it’s normally possible to pay the price monthly or, if buying new, by bundling the price of the servicing into your finance payments.

To give you a concept of the prices involved, we’ve compiled a table showing indicative costs of EV service plan prices compared to similar plans for ICE cars. Obviously you’ll have to contact your dealer for an actual price on your particular car.

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