How to run dash cam cable (Tesla Model 3)

install dash cam

A dash cam in a car is necessary to record any events with vehicle along the route. This device often helps to defend the driver’s rights in different situations. Installing a dash cam is the right decision for each driver.

When installing it, you can run the cable in the headliner to the right A-pillar, then between the A-pillar and the door seal down and out of some trim panels. Then across the passenger floor under the floor mat and into the cigarette lighter for now.

In addition, you can try to get the map light assembly out but if you do have not an experience with this work you can break it.

It is so difficult to find a good place to stick the camera while keeping it out of me eyesight while driving. So it will be better if you mounted it just under the windshield AP camera and tried to center the lens to the windshield.

But not each owner of Tesla 3 knows that there is actually a ‘spare’ always-on power connector under the little speaker-like grill in the middle of the headliner. This power connector you can use for power. Conveniently, it is near where you will be installing the front dash cam.

It also greatly simplified work to install the dash cam.

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