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Maintenance and Porsche Repair include line of diagnostic works to find the faults and remove them. Considering that Porsche produces sports and racing cars, their repair has its own specifics, so these cars service in Porsche Service Shops.

It is necessary using high-precision modern equipment to carry out high-quality repairs and the help of qualified personnel will be required.

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Porsche Repair Procedures

Porsche Repair Procedures

Engine Rebuild                       

Have you feel that your Porsche lost some of its power?  You are heard some noises from engine or there are leaving behind a cloud of smoke. Each Porsche has its own problems with different characteristics. You can save your Porsche in good form a long time if timely regular service is undertaken.

An engine rebuild is one of the procedure of Porsche repair. How to understand when is it necessary to engine rebuild?

Three main features of bad engine:

  • Low Performance And Increased Emissions;
  • Knocking;
  • Dirty Motor Oil and Oil Sludge.

Porsche as any car that has a significant amount of mileage put on it will, begin to experience a drop-in performance. The main causes of this are:  piston rings wear, carbon build up on valves, mixture preparation cannot mix properly.

Porsche maintenance

The first service on internal combustion engines is generally due at 1 Year/10,000 miles.

Please note, that service due dates/mileage may vary by model. You can review your owner’s manual for more information on the specific recommended service intervals determined by Porsche.

In addition, you can use four Plus Plan options that cover important maintenance for 2 Years/20,000 miles, 3 years/30,000 miles, 4 years/40,000 miles to 5 Years/50,000 miles, depending upon which term you choose.

Body repairs

Porsche Body repairs

Body recovery and its form is enough difficult and expensive task. During body repair, it is important to take into account the type, nature of damage and the specifics of deformation.

During car body repair carried out the modern technologies like laser optical computer`s measuring systems and modern stands are used. The slightest inaccuracies in the restoration of the body can lead to changes in the aerodynamics, technical characteristics of the car and even affect safety.

Recommended to use only original spare parts for Porsche body repairs.

Paint Service

Paint Service

Modern Technology of paint repairs provides should safe against rust penetration of the body. If you need to remove small dents which leaved by storms and hail, there are modern technology which does not even require repainting.

Interior overhauls and repairs

Some car service can offer to repair the entire interior of your Porsche. Renovation of seat covers to leather seams and linings is not problem at this time.

Porsche Repair Costs

Porsche Repair Costs

How much should I expect to pay for regular service and repair for my Porsche?

You should remember one important rule – if you regularly maintain your Porsche, you save thousands of dollars in all run.

Service/Period1 Year/10,000Service/Period5-10 thousand miles
Service including oil, filters, and inspection$200-400Changing Oil$8 and $10 per liter
Major service including transmission services$400-$600Common repairs related to leaks$200 -$600
Complete brake job front and rear$900-$1800water pump repair$900
Cost To Rebuild A Porsche Engine$8-$10 thousand dollarsRebuild a good race motor$15-$20 thousand dollars
Repaint a Porsche$11-$12 thousand dollarsInterior restore$2-$3 thousand dollars

Porsche Repair Costs

Cost of repairing your Porsche will vary depending on the required repairs, but minor repairs such as spark plug replacement, any oil or water leaks related to  gaskets or vacuum leaks can be repaired in short time and  will cost a few hundred dollars to repair. Engine is the heart of Porsche so it is improtant to know how much car engine repair costs?

Where to buy Porsche spare parts

Buying the spare parts for Porsche you can use Performance Products and Pelican Service or quick service from Stoddard. As indicated, Performance Products has been doing this for years. But You will find there isn’t a “one source for everything” supplier. Some parts are best ordered from PCNA through a Factory Porsche Dealer.

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    Thanks for mentioning that body recovery is a difficult and expensive task. I’m hoping that I can hire a professional to help me fix up the Porsche I bought two weeks ago. It definitely needs some body work, so I’d like to call a professional to help me out.

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