Replacing Generator Bearings

Replacement of generator component parts is carried out in accordance with the requirements for vehicle maintenance. Usually the mileage of the car before generator bearing replacement is approximately 150,000 km. However, lifetime of bearings can be depending on the operating conditions of the vehicle.

Reasons of bearing breakdowns

  • Violating of timing for replacing the alternator belt;
  • Displacement of the outer race in the housing on the rotor shaft;
  • Pulley backlash detection;
  • Insufficient lubrication of the bearings and, as a result, high temperatures on the working surfaces;
  • Ingress of dust and dirt inside the bearings.

It is necessary to do generator bearings replacement at once when you see its breakdown. Any delays in this matter can play a cruel joke with you and you need to replace the generator. In addition, the cost of replacing a generator will result you in a considerable amount of money.

DIY replacement of generator bearings

Before bearing replacement, you need to prepare necessary tools. If you nave not got such tools for disassembling the generator set you will be better contact the automotive service.

Alternator Bearings Replacement Map

Alternator Bearings Replacement Map
Alternator Bearings Replacement Map

At once, you need to purchase the quality generator bearings. Then you can start to dismantle the generating set and perform the following manipulations:

  • Remove the rear protective cover that secured with nuts and a screw.
  • Unscrew the relay fasteners.
  • Unscrew the studs that connect the front and rear of the generator set.
  • Remove the generator.
  • Use the wrench to remove the pulley.  It is undesirable to lock the impeller or pulley with improvised tools, this can lead to additional mechanical damage.
  • Remove the rear bearing with a special puller.
  • Then you need knock out the rotor from the front bearing and remove it.
  • Install the new bearings and an electromechanical device into the collector.
  • Don`t remember to check the level of wear of the collector brushes by the way.

The disassembly method can vary slightly depending of the generator model. Please, do the complete diagnosis of the electromechanical device before start the replacement. Such plan acts help you do the quality and quickly repair of your car.

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