Signs Your Hybrid Battery Dying

Electric car manufacturers have many directions to increase the total performance of their cars. One of the ways to do this is by using an electrified powertrain, which improves fuel efficiency.

The hybrid battery pack is an element of the system providing charging an electric motor with an electric current so if you see that the battery doesn`t hold a charge it begins to deteriorate.

How much is a Hybrid Battery Replacement?

Hybrid battery replacement is definitely not the least expensive repair. Hybrid battery repair can range from $1000 to over $4000.

What symptoms indicate the repair is coming soon? I hope these recommendations can help you to know about upcoming repairs.

What does the Hybrid Battery do?

The hybrid battery is a set of battery modules made up of individual cells, like an AA battery. The construction of the hybrid battery allows the delivery of energy to the electrified part of the car. Recharging of the battery occurs through regenerative braking and using excess energy from the internal combustion engine’s system.

Using green energy to get more performance is the reason why hybrids are so popular.

Signs a Hybrid Battery is failing

These five signs help you to check a hybrid battery condition.

Why is My Hybrid System Warning Light On

Sometimes when you look at the dashboard there are light signals which indicate any possible problems in the different systems of a car – so it is vital to check the dashboard from time to time. Ignoring these signals can be a reason for serious faults.

The hybrid system warning light is a warning indicator you need to take your attention to the hybrid battery or the hybrid system. The signal appears by a malfunction in the battery, the electric motor, the power inverter, or the hybrid control module, but the battery fault is the most common culprit.

Charging issues

Issues with charging batteries often occur by the degradation of cells due to age or usage.  It`s true if you note a slower rate of charging or it never shows it`s charged to 100%.

Reduced Range

Reduced Range means that it is not enough electrical charge to your operational range. Meanwhile, the estimated distance to empty might show up normally but your car has not had enough energy in the battery to achieve it.

Poor Fuel Economy

The engine works before to full battery capacity compensation. If the compensation is impossible the engine burns more fuel volume than usual.

Strange Noises Appearing

Electrical hums like clicks or pops are symptoms of a bad hybrid battery. Also, a bad battery generates more heat than normal.

What to do if you got a bad hybrid battery?

 First, you need to service the battery and do the battery pack balancing. Other methods of repair can add life battery from months to some years.

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