Tesla Maintenance Cost

Every experience driver continuously review maintenance recommendations to optimize the performance, reliability, durability, safety of own Tesla Car. Timely service is a pledge of durability and performance of your car.

Do Teslas need oil changes?

Tesla cars don`t require traditional oil changes, any fuel filters and spark plug replacements. It makes the maintenance more light and need less money. 

Sometimes you need brake pad replacements but this procedure are rare because regenerative braking significantly reducing wear on brakes.

So if you decide to maintenance Tesla car you need follow tesla maintenance plan.

Tesla Maintenance Plan

Tesla Maintenance Plan

Such maintenance plan will help you to service your Tesla. Such maintenance plan will help you to service your Tesla. If you want to do Tesla`s servicing you can write in Google search “Tesla maintenance near me” and it helps you to find a good service for your car.

What benefits will I get from servicing a Tesla Car?

•         Replacing Cabin Air Filter prevents road dust from entering through the vents.

•         Tire service is a step to increasing of tire life and steering components.

•         Service in time is a step to safety and comfort while driving a car.

Let’s summarize how much it costs to service Tesla. The Tesla’s maintenance  cost is from $450 to $800 so it’s worth it.

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