Why window regulator doesn`t work and How to fix power window

Windows regulator opens and closes the windows in a car when you need. There are power windows in many cars, so you can be operate them the touch of a button. The modern cars have mechanical or power windows. Mechanical windows can be raised and lowered using a crank handle. You can be installed the glass in any position thanks to this type of mechanical window regulator. Windows regulators are located under the side windows of the vehicle in the front and rear doors.

Power windows have a handle with a handle in the door panel and electric windows have a switch in the door panel. In some vehicles driver has the ability to control all the windows of the car using one button located on the center console.

There are list of the best producers of window regulators: Bosch, General Motors, Magneti Marelli, Valeo, Van Wezel, Vaico and Metzger.

Principle of power window working

When the driver presses the power window button, the window lowers. To close the window lift the button. Electric motor drives the power window mechanism. When driver press the button the electric motor turned on and the cable starts to raise or lower the window.

Broken window regulator quick fix

Damage of power window you will see at once when you can`t open or close the window. I think you`ll see. The main causes are often a wire damage or a faulty power window switch. If you do not have experience in repairing a window regulator with your own hands, the repair or replacement of the window regulator should be better do the repair in a workshop. You can use special repair kits to repair of power windows. When repairing a window regulator, it is better to buy original spare parts.

Power window motor price

Power window motor price

The average cost to replace a power window motor is from $150 to $300 (in 2 hours). This cost can be change depending on car model.

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