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How a car’s electrical system works

The electrical system of a car is designed to generate and transmit electrical energy to various systems and devices of…

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How a car charging system works

The electricity is one of the most using energy in a modern car, because the car uses more and more…

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How ignition system works

The ignition system is the system, which consists of devices that serve to create an electric spark of high voltage….

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Update car charging system

Modern car has many electrics consumers but alternators are powerful enough to cope with the demand for current.  If the…

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Car Headlight construction

The dipped headlights are the main thing when driving. The dipped-beam characteristics of the headlights should give an asymmetric dipped-beam…

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Ignition angle control

It is conventionally assumed that ignition of a combustible mixture in a cylinder occurs when the piston is at top…

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Storage Battery Construction

A car battery is a type of battery uses in automobile or motor vehicles. It is used as a source…

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Vehicle electrical system construction

The car’s on-board network is a car’s power supply network that unites sources and consumers of electricity. Cars and motorcycles…

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Ignition Coil Construction

An ignition coil or a spark coil is an induction coil in car’s ignition system. It transforms the battery’s low…

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Ignition Distributor Construction

The distributor’s main function is to route high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plugs in the correct…

Generator construction
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Generator Construction

Generator Construction The generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy needed to power all the electrical equipment of the car…

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Spark plug construction

Spark plug construction Spark plug is a device that generates electric spark to the combustion chamber of a spark-ignition engine…