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How to check the starter

Let’s imagine a situation where you urgently need to get from point A to point B, but your car won’t…

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Cardan Construction Elements

Cardan consists of different elements: universal-joint forks, cardan bearings, movable spline connection, cardan cross, intermediate support and others. Universal-joint forks…

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Drive axle: how a drive axle works, classification and requirement

The drive axle transmits the torque from the propeller shaft to the driving wheels of the vehicle. In addition, it…

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Stamped Steel Wheels – Call from the Past

Many modern drivers actively oppose stamped wheels, explaining that they are a relic of the past. Some drivers think that…

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Basic requirements for Vehicle Construction

Before you start designing a car, you should decide what goals and tasks it will solve. This step can be…

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Most Comfortable SUV for long trip

Most Comfortable SUV for long trip – is a vehicle, which includes all necessary features you need by the long…

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Car Fan Construction

The fan consists of a hub with a pulley, to which the blades are attached. The fan blades are made…

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Car structure

The car, in its structure, seems very complicated, but in fact, an ordinary person assembled the car. Therefore, do not…

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Car scheme

The layout of the car determines and provides for the location of the power unit, the number of drive axles…

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Vehicle classification

Types and classification of vehicles Cars are classified according to the following criteria: type of vehicle; mainly technical parameter (mass,…

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Vehicle frame construction

Vehicle frame – is a rigid structure, which is formed by two longitudinal spars connected by cross members. The frame…

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If Volvo so safe, why aren’t any of us in a hurry to buy it?

Volvo – is one of the most safe car in the world. It has established itself as most safe vehicle…

Police car construction
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Emergency vehicles construction: police car construction

Police cars are mainly passenger cars, converted to the requirements of law. Law enforcement units can modify them to fit…

What is it car - poem
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Car poems

Short funny car poems for children, Poems that rhyme, funny poems about car construction

self-propelled machine
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What is a car?

Car is self-propelled machine (from word “self-propel”). A modern motor car consists of several thousand various units, details and parts….

Car construction for Kids
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Car Construction for Kids

This site offers science, technology, engineering and automobile construction for your kids. build problem solving skills. discover how things work…