Car Painting process

Car painting

Car painting process

Car painting is a process, which includes next operations by paint restoration of car body: prepping a car for paint (cleaning, priming, puttying), painting of a car body, doors, hood and other details, grinding and polishing of car body. Quality of auto paint depends of preparation and right actions of a car painter. In order to achieve a positive and high-quality result, it is necessary to adhere to the technology of car painting. There is a large selection of paints and varnishes, the correct use of which will allow preserving the bodywork for many years.

Prepping a car for paint

Before painting the car, it is necessary to protect all the elements that are not to be painted, using special means (plastic film, adhesive tape or paper).

Car body cleaning

Then, thoroughly clean the surface of the car body from dirt and rust. Preparing the surface of the car body is a very important step, since an improperly prepared repair area can lead to undesirable consequences, such as chips, drips of paint and visible paint transitions.

Preparing the surface of the car body is a very important step, since an improperly prepared repair area can lead to subsequent flaking of the putty.

Car body primer

So that the surface of the car’s paintwork is durable and the paint holds firmly and for a long time, the cleaned surface must be primed. After this, we can do puttying. On this, the preparatory work for painting the car ends and we can begin to paint the car body.

DIY car painting

DIY painting is a painstaking task, but we will trying to explain how to do it.

  • Dilute the paint with solvent and mix it to the need viscosity;
  • Filter the paint through a sieve or gauze;
  • So that the painting process is not difficult, heat the enamel to 40-50 degrees. Such a procedure will not only save you a solvent, but will also achieve the result in 2-3 layers of a paint;
  • The last layers of paint should be a more fluid consistency;
  • Let dry the paint, taking breaks at 15-20 minutes between application of the paint , depending on the temperature inside the premise.
  • When painting the car body with your own hands, you need sanding after each coat of primer, putty or paint. Grinding is carried out with waterproof skins, carefully wetting the treated area with water. For grinding use sleeping sanding paste.

Polishing – is the final stage of painting a car. The polishing is the process carried out by rotational movements using a special polishing paste.

Now, you know how to paint a car DIY. Then you should wash the car well and send it for anti-corrosion treatment.

Car paint job cost

If you are going to paint a car DIY, you can save a lot of money.  You can buy the materials needed to paint part of your car for $100.

What can you need to paint the car?

Drop cloths; Brushes; Primer; Auto paint; Top coat paint; Sand paper;

Average Cost to paint a car

Average Cost to paint a car

The average cost for a single-coat synthetic enamel paint job ranges from $500-$600. A paint jobs of a car, which includes prepping works and using higher quality paint cost from $1300 to $1500 in average.

Car paint job cost