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Welcome to read article is about EV electrical recharging. In this article, you will learn a lot about how to charge an electric car. What kind of charging stations for an electric car are in USA? And a lot of other information about electric cars.

Widespread use of electric vehicles is impossible without building the necessary infrastructure. An electric vehicle charging stations are one of the most important infrastructure elements that is need to recharge an electric vehicle in a city.

All car producers are fighting for the new clients, so car electric progress isn`t stop. You can charge your electric car both at home or at work, so some electric cars have built-in converters that can be connect to a usual electrical outlet.

Four types of main electric charging stations:

  • Residential charging stations are usually using to recharge an electric car at night. The owner of the electric vehicle must connect it to the NEMA jack to do this.
  • Public charging stations while parked:  most private or commercial organizations provide their employees with special parking spaces for recharging an electric vehicle. It can be paid and free.
  • Fast charging can be at public charging stations >40 kW, capable of delivering over 60-mile (97 km) of range in 10–30 minutes.
  • Battery swaps charges in under 15 minutes.

We have created a table for the estimated cost of recharging various electric vehicles in the US.  

Price Ranges per Electric car charging for USA, per kWh
Electric Car Model From per kWh To per kWh
Tesla Model S and Model X $0.07 to per kWh $0.27
The Blink network of charging prices for other EV $0.4 $0.7

Electric car charging time

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