Honda urban EV

Honda’s first electric vehicle has many technologies and beautiful designs, but you will pay for it $41, 000. Honda E has a unique conception that does it the most desirable car among urban EVs.

First mass-market pure-electric car

It’s the Honda e, Honda’s first mass-market, pure-electric car for a city. The range of 137 miles says it`s true. In addition, you can choose versions with such power: 134bhp and 152bhp.

First mass-market pure-electric car

While Honda e has a little size and a compact battery, but it is an expensive EV. There are many interesting functions like DC rapid charging100kw in 30 minutes. You will be surprised because it has many crash-avoidance systems. Honda e equipped with side and rear cameras.

Honda’s price can be explained as impossibly relevant to engineered and crammed technologies.

“If you want to make an urban EV , why would you design an EV just to get a bigger battery in there? That`s enough to reach the goal.”

So if you did need to get somewhere 300 miles away then you either need to rent something else. Honda e is a city electric car and it performs its functions 100 percent.

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