How much does it cost to charge an Electric car

According to the hypothesis the owning an electric car should be cheaper and it can be confirmed next two factors:  firstly, it has fewer moving parts and it doesn’t require the maintenance for the internal-combustion engine and using the electricity is cheaper than traditional fuels such as petrol or diesel. These factors help to save cash substantially so these are the main reasons why people buy Electric cars.

Let’s figure it out how much does it cost to charge an Electric car, and all factors which influence for it.

Cost to charge an Electric car depends from next factors:    

  • The prices vary depending from the charging station; The rapid charger costing more to use.
  • Charge an Electric car at home is the cheapest way of charging. If you charging an electric car at night, it will be cheaper; using the wall-mounted unit instead factory supplied it helps cut the time of charging.
  • You can save cash charging electric car in public charging places; Many of us don`t know that some hotels and shopping centres offer free charging to customers. Use the smartphone to see where the charging points are.
  • Use different discounts to save money by charging an electric car;
  • Location is a factor influences on EV charging cost; The location sets the baseline cost of energy. Often many people ask, – “How much does it cost to charge an Electric car in California?”
What factors affect the charging cost of an electric car

For example, according to EIA, the Dec 2021 California average for commercial electricity is $0.19 per kWh, which is the highest rate in USA. This means that the baseline price at public charging stations in California is likely going to be higher than elsewhere in the country. At this price, charging an electric car with a 40-kWh battery with a 150-mile range would cost about $7-8 to fully charge.

  • Why do you pay a little more to motorway charging? You’ll pay a little more to charge at a motorway charging station,  because most of the chargers there are fast or rapid units.
  • Сharging a car battery to owners of other brands of EV;  Tesla owners can use own dedicated rapid-charging Supercharger network. Moreover, owners of a Tesla Model S or Model X which registered before 2017 are eligible for free charging. Owner of other brands of electric cars would be use Tesla`s Superchargers but it will be more expensive. Some manufacturers also offer simplified charging by giving access customers to the providers under their own charging scheme.

Some providers offer a subscription service with a monthly fee, which gives you discounted rates. If you travel further more frequently such discounts give you free access to thousands chargers.

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