Tesla car deliveries will new record for 5-10 years

Some last years, we can see Tesla profit surge. It is smooth transition from combustion engines to electric vehicles. We should have waited for it, because electric car is one of chances to save life on this planet.

Elon Musk is a man, which have own unordinary ideas and we should to see the goals, understand easy things to do our life more safe and efficiency. Each time when we have problems, we can find our common decision. We can do something great and each of us will be participant of this changing process.

Sometimes, it`s enough to buy a greener car to be a participant of this process. However, sometimes we must to do something else.

Changing process are going. We can see it when sales rose to $12bn in the three months to the end of June. The electric carmaker said it delivered a record over 200,000 cars to customers in the same period.

Chip shortage or impediments to progress 

Elonk Musk said that electric vehicles are the only way forward. I see true in these words. Each company has any problems by the way to the goal. The Tesla Company noted that had trouble with the global chip shortage. Tesla manufacture is hinging on this “slowest part of the supply chain”. I hope Tesla will overcoming The Global Chip Shortage at soon.¬†

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