Tesla Architecture

Tesla innovation strategy bases on the building of right architecture, which determines “what the system is supposed to do and how it will do it”. Architecture of electric car should change evolves over time to address and meet sets of requirements that are constantly changing.

Process of decomposition is one of the processes used to analyze and/or design an architecture of EV. It consists of smaller elements of form as you can see on the Figure below.

Decomposition view of the vehicle system

Decomposition view of the vehicle system

The shape of the architecture could vary, and the resultant top level is the same. Thus, the key role in the evolution of the system is the interdependencies amongst elements of form and their formal structure. For example, you can see a evolution process of decomposition the same form, but plus 1 level to the whole system;

Alternative formal decomposition of the vehicle system with two level

There are two types of architecture: physical and functional. The first determines formal interconnection, and the last – functioning. 

The formal structure of the architecture includes the modularity, where each module of it has at least one specific function. These modules connect to other modules within the system architecture through well-defined interfaces. This architecture do way of the system behavior as a whole.

Innovation to modular architectures are easier, because each – of the modules separates according to the functions they performed.

TesLa System Architecture

Tesla system architecture

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