TOP 5 Electric car battery technologies

The first reason using an electric car bases on principles gasoline consumption reducing and substituting other forms of energy for its. The next step will be achievement requirement performance have yet to materialize. Researching in electric cars area shows the main challenges for automotive industry, like limited range for Electric cars.

Many automotive companies produce Electric cars of new level and hope to reach more wide spread on the U.S. Market. BEVs is a good horse that can be first any moment.  The win time for BEVs will come at time when their travel range increases.

TOP 5 Electric car on the U. S. Market

The modern electric vehicles use lithium batteries are similar to the batteries that power a smartphone. This means that for the production of car batteries, a certain amount of lithium will needed, the reserves of which on earth are not unlimited. Some automotive experts worry about the future availability of lithium because each electric vehicle will need between six and ten kg of lithium per car. If we do easy calculation, we can see that current world reserve of lithium is sufficient to power 1.7 billion vehicles. Is it enough to provide future for Electric cars?

TOP 5 Emerging Technologies for Electric Vehicle Battery

Lithium-ion battery

High capacity Lithium-ion battery has many advantages such as higher energy densities, small size, and large storage capacity.

Modernizing the battery technology inside the vehicle is our future, which has the potential to bring lower costs and a higher value to the automotive market.

Today, automotive companies do tremendous research efforts have been made in developing next-generation LIBs with enhanced electrochemical performance. Their researching mainly focus on of LIBs with high electrochemical performance from next main aspects, including cathode materials, anode materials, electrolyte, and separators (LiCoO2, LiFePO4, LiMn2O4, LiNixMnyCozO2, LiNixCoyAlzO2, and graphite). Each type of materials has their electrochemical performance which we have to analysis to choice the best.

The main challenges to do electric car technologies more popular in USA

  • Common and Cheap Replaceable Battery Standard for EV;
  • Development EV charging infrastructure;
  • Development of Solar powered charging booths;
  • Create Smart map for charging stations;
  • Cost of electric Vehicles;
  • Safe and Cost Battery disposal mechanism.

There are next factors which are very important for EV battery:

  • Battery Performance;  
  • Life span battery;
  • Cost battery;
  • Safety of Battery;
  • Battery Charging time.

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