Which car would work for you? Electric vs hybrid vehicles

Buying the car is an expensive investment no matter if it comes from Audi, Mercedes or BMW, so it is meaning your decision is all the more important. We’ve seen a mass of new electric cars in the last decades, and we’re expecting more EVs soon. We’re constantly updating our best electric cars list for this reason: to make sure you’re buying the absolute top car for your needs. For those who have not used   electric car yet, we made a comparison between a fully electric car and a hybrid. It will help you to choose a step into the new world of cars.

Why we have more than one pick: we have a top pick, but not everyone looks for the same car characteristics. You have already know, each car has its own benefits and cons, depending on the operating conditions. The technical car characteristics of choice may sway your preference; We’re here to guide you through the top electric vehicles picks with all of the expertise we’ve gained doing EVs reviews.

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Range is Key to your Choice

Many automotive experts say that an electric vehicles are the best choice for cars` buyers today, because they are our future. But there are some nuances that you need to know before you choose own car. Of course, the fully electric cars have low running costs and emissions, but the first you should to define what range do you need. The modern pure electric vehicles can have a range from 200 to 350 miles. So if you need more range, then it may be that a plug-in hybrid is the best variant for you.

The Greenest Car

I think, you can’t get lower emissions than nothing from the tailpipe, which is what you get from a pure all electric vehicle. You can see the cars become even cleaner as the years go by. You need control on how often Plug-in hybrid is charged because e overall efficiency is very much dependent from this. Running hybrid on fuel is not always efficient, because they are usually heavier than the petrol or diesel model they’re based on. Vehicle manufacturers are working under these issues. So the new generation plug-in hybrids are coming with bigger battery packs.

There are many attractive models like Citroen, Huandai, Ford, KIA, Peugeot, Vauxhall. But TOP manufacturers of hybrids have a big progress in plug-in hybrid modernization, so look out the premium models include AUDI, BMW, Toyota and Mercedes. The absolute leader among pure electric cars is Tesla.

The Benefits to switching to an EV

  • avoid fuel duty;
  • You pay only 5% VAT on the electricity consumed if charging at home;
  • You have not to pay Vehicle Excise Duty;

Keeping batteries

The main costs are up-front costs associated with buying a pure electric car or van. Charging times for plug-in hybrids are slower then pure electric cars (from two to four hours). This process depending on the power rating of the charger and the size of the battery pack.

Pure Electric Cars vs Hybrid Vehicles

Mini Countryman Plug In Hybrid and VW Golf GTE perfectly fit for those drivers which looking for a small hybrid. Next pure electric cars like of the new Nissan Leaf and the KIA e-Niro, the Audi E-Tron and Tesla’s Models X and S will as your best family car. Last months the flow of EV vehicles into the second-hand market grow up. Also we wait set to spike in coming months and years. The prices of used electric vehicles will be increasing so it may be worth buying now before they become even more popular with used buyers.

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