2 thoughts on “Suspension Diagram

  1. Gregoy R Griffith says:

    Why no mention of (proper name eludes me now) Ankin on the steering arm. It determines how big an arch the outer tire in a turn rides a different arc then the inner tire. If someone is building a custom suspension this very important. It determines several handling charactoristics. If you want a car built to drift it need be 0 degrees. If this is a straight street car around 15 degrees. But there are substiles of where the best grey area for how the ride will be driven and it is beyond hard to find any information on this

  2. Peter Waleson says:

    could anyone please tell me how the following part is called, its for a Hyundai I30
    Its the large sort of square beam bolted to the underside of the car, about 95 cm x 85 cm
    On it is bolted, some of the steering parts, the gearbox, the left & right front suspension,
    At the front it has a towing lug.

    Ours is badly dinted, hitting the underside of the car, it need replacement, if I know how it is called I can look on internet trying to find one.

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