Engine preheater device construction

The pre-heater serves to preheat the car engine before starting at low ambient temperatures and helps to reduce the wear of cylinders and pistons.

The set of starting heater includes a boiler filled with coolant, a fuel tank, an electromagnetic valve, a fan with an electric motor, a glow plug, and a control panel.

Before starting the engine, the solenoid valve opens and spark plugs ignite. Air is supplied to the boiler from the fan. Hot gases passing through the gas pipelines heat the liquid, and at the same time, the nozzle from the boiler is directed to the oil pan, heating the oil in it. The coolant heats up in the jacket and cools the cylinder block.

Engine pre-heater construction:

Engine preheater construction

1 – fuel tank; 2 – a cork of a tank; 3 – funnel; 4 – crane; 5 – electric motor with fan; 6 – drain valve of the heater pipeline; 7 – crane control handle; 8 – the electromagnetic valve, 9 – an adjusting needle; 10 – spiral heating of the electromagnetic valve; 11 – a tube from the electromagnetic valve; 12 – air supply hose; 13 – glow plug; 14 – outlet pipe from the engine to the boiler; 15 – tray; 16 – drain valve tray; 17 – heater boiler; 18 – inlet tube from the boiler to the engine; 19 – fitting; 20 – wire; 21 – control panel; 22 – control spiral; 23 – switch handle: 34 – glow plug switch; 25 – fuel wire.

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