Flywheel carter

The flywheel housing (carter) is made of aluminum alloy and bolted to the rear end of the cylinder block through a special paronite gasket made of paronite. In order to achieve accurate fixation of the mating parts, several pins pressed into the cylinder block are used. Of no less importance is the tightening torque of the flywheel housing mounting bolts and the tightening sequence of these bolts.

Flywheel carter

It is important that the crankcase does not skew.
The tightening torque for the flywheel housing bolts is approximately 100 N * m. In the flywheel housing, a hole is provided on the left side where the starter is installed. In the middle of the crankcase there is an opening for the crankshaft oil seal. In the flywheel housing, some drive units of the engine assemblies are located.

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