Most Powerful Engine

The Most Powerful Engines are the engines which have short strokes and big bores. The reason for this is worth thinking about.

In order to achieve maximum engine power and produce more energy, it is necessary to increase the rev. This can be achieved by reducing the piston stroke. So, it is a fact, that the shorter the stroke, the more an engine can rev and its power rises.

Some cars from Formula 1, you can to see an engine rev to nearly 20,000 rpm. It was achievement only thanks to the engine’s extremely short piston stroke and wide diameter of each cylinder.

Possible you’d never see such engine power on a road car, but it give to understand about how exactly changing an engine’s dimensions can develop more power. Based on this, you can see a direct depending between engine`s rpm and power.

Similarly, a bigger wide diameter of each cylinder means valve can take in and push out more air in each cycle. Basically, the   more surface area a cylinder, more efficient working cycle is, because the less energy is lost to heat.

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