Supercharged Diesel

The efficiency of power engine depends from next parameters: crankshaft speed, compression ratio, working volume of the engine and amount of cylinders. It is fact that diesels works with large coefficient of excess air (a=1,3-1,7), so their power on the unit of working volume less then litre`s power of carburettor engine.

Supercharging is used to get up of litres power of Diesel Engines. Compressor sends the air to the cylinder with pressure from 2.1 to 2.3 psi. As raise mass of air entered to each cylinder, increasing the amount of sending fuel. So we can get the best power with such sizes, crankshaft speed and amount of cylinder like that.

Supercharged Diesel uses the energy of exhaust gas to working. There is not spent useful power and so the economy of engine is raised as result. There is one really good fact yet – Supercharging of Diesel reduces the contain of toxic substances in exhaust gases.

Turbo Supercharging

Turbo Compressor applies to do the Turbo Supercharging. Turbo Compressor consists of two wheels with compressor blades, radial turbine and single-stage compressor (centrifugal blower), installed on the one shaft. 

How a Turbo Compressor works

Supercharged Diesel

While the exhaust valve 10 is open, the piston 2 moves up removing exhaust gases from the cylinder 1 to the exhaust pipeline 9. Gases moves through the nozzle apparatus to the blades of working wheel of turbine 8. These turn the blades of turbine and a shaft 6.  After this, exhaust gases out to the atmosphere.

The shaft is turning with a working wheel 5, which vacuums air through the purifier and sends it to intake pipeline 4 to the cylinder 1 of diesel engine.

When the filling of air increasing the fuel amount sending to the cylinder is raised. Power of engine raise ups more then 25-40% thanks for it.

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