Car Fuel System

You already know about internal combustion engines, which can be working on a fuel (gas or diesel), that needs to the engine work. Fuel must supply to the engine cylinders in timely manner, so the fuel system do this task.  This article is about types fuel systems, fuel system construction and how a fuel system works. Figures and diagrams will help you understand fuel system construction.

The purpose of car fuel system

Car fuel system`s purpose is supply fuel from fuel tank to the engine cylinder. Also this system provides the fuel storage and cleaning before admission to the cylinder.

The base fuel system has next main elements:

  1. Fuel tankit is a fuel storage reservoir. The fuel tank of modern cars is a difficult system, which includes next elements: reservoir, fuel neck, fuel gauge, fuel pump, and others;
  2. Fuel Pipeline system – these is pipelines that provide fuel supply to other fuel elements;
  3. Fuel pumpis a device which pumping the fuel from tank to the engine; Fuel pump of modern injection systems creates enough high pressure. Electrical fuel pumps are common using on the modern car. Diesel engine pumps can be two types of: low and high pressure. Typically high pressure pump are used on the diesel engine.
  4. Fuel filter (or filters). There are two types of fuel filters, like coarse fuel filter and fine fuel filter; The purpose of filters are cleaning of fuel from different types of dirty, dusty and so on.
  5. Fuel injection device or Carburetor. It is device in which supply fuel and air to creating air-fuel mixture.  

Fuel injection device – are nozzles of the diesel or engine injector.But the fuel nozzles are located into the head cylinder in diesel motors and direct fuel injector motors. And in injector motors fuel nozzles are into intake manifold.

Fuel injection system construction. For the engine to run smoothly and efficiently, it needs to be provided with the right quantity of fuel/air mixture according to its demands.

Fuel system construction

A fuel injection system consists of:

  1. Fuel tank
  2. Fuel pump
  3. Fuel line
  4. Fuel filter
  5. Fuel accumulator
  6. Fuel distributor
  7. Inlet tract
  8. Inlet manifold
  9. Injectors