Car Economizer Construction

Economizer is a special device that allows obtain full power from the engine by the enrich fuel mixture way.

There are some types of economizer:

·        Economizer with a mechanical drive;

·        Economizer with pneumatic drive.

The economizer can supply fuel to the carburetor mixing chamber directly or through the main metering system. Economizer works, as a rule, by an almost completely open throttle.

Economizer Construction

Economizer Construction

a)     Economizer with a mechanical drive; b) accelerating pump; 1 – full-power nozzle; 2 – thrust; 3 – spring; 4 – valve of economizer; 5 – stem; 6 – main fuel nozzle; 7 – mixing chamber; 8 – throttle; 9 – nozzle of accelerating pump; 10 – lever arm; 11 – check valve; 12 – piston; 13 – guide; 14 – valve of accelerating pump.

How economizer with mechanical drive works

The economizer with a mechanical drive works as follows: While the throttle 8 is closed and the engine is operating at medium load, the economizer valve 4 is spring-loaded 3 against the seat and fuel enters the mixing chamber 7 only through the main nozzle 6. When the engine works with full load, which equal to an opening of the throttle by 80-85% or more, the thrust 2 pivotally connected to the damper goes down and opens the economizer valve 4 through the stem 5.

In addition to the main nozzle supply, an additional amount of fuel begins to be supplied to the mixing chamber through the full-power nozzle 1, and the combustible mixture is enriched.

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