How Anti roll bar works

An anti-roll bar is a part of car suspension. It is torsion bar crossing the car through two pivots on opposite sides of the frame, connects opposite left or right wheels through lever arms which linked by a torsion spring. 

The purpose of anti-roll bar is providing restrain a car from rolling – leaning during fast cornering or moving over road irregularities.

How Anti-roll bar works

 One end of torsion bar attaches to each wheel with help some flexible rubber bushes, so the bar bends back outside the pivots.

A principle anti-roll bar work is to force the opposite wheel’s shock absorber, spring or suspension rod to lower, or rise, to a similar level as the other wheel. Therefore, when one wheel moves up it pulls up one end of the bar and the other end pulls up the other wheel, keeping the car level.

Anti-roll bar is usually a torsion spring, which resists body roll motions. An anti-roll bar resists the torsion through its stiffness. Anti-roll bar twists along it`s length providing torsional resistance.

Anti-roll bar Construction

Anti-roll bar consists of a cylindrical steel bar into a “U” shape. This steel bar connects to the car body at two points, and at the car suspension in the left and right sides.

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