How am I can to help anyone

Hello friends. I am very glad see you on this website.

“I will not hide that I create this project to close my little dream. I want to buy a car for my family for this money”.

How am I can to help anyone

It`s really that I learned in technical University in automobile faculty and I know some information about Vehicle Construction. I hope it can help you.

If you want help to me to buy a car for my family, you can do donate”.

donate the car for family

I`ll be grateful for every your dollar, because your donate will do my family life more happiness. The car of my dream (Mitsubishi Outlander) costs near 7 thousand dollars. Thank you for your attention.

When donate reaches the sum of 7000 Dollars, I promise to post photo my family travel by this car. Thank you for your attention.

BTC address for donate 1wj1Jcj4Bh5i85E5LBnV5W7oNiqqbR48F

I will publish the most active benefactors on this page with an active link to their website on an ongoing basis. Please send the address of your links to e-mail:

Perhaps you ask – do you believe that there are people who donate money to you for a car? “I will answer that I believe. Good people are exist.

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