Cool cars for Teenage Girl

Cool cars for teenage girl

Toyota Yaris is cutest car for girl teenage. Toyota Yaris is one of the coolest cars for teenage girls. Besides being a good car to drive, the Yaris has some interesting features in design. By the way this car is not expensive when you buying the base model.  This is the perfect car style for teenage drivers. The Toyota Yaris has the top rank top of subcompact car class. You can find stylish saloon and many standard features. But, this car has leisurely acceleration, that most teenagers which like high speed are not estimate.

In this article we will talking about popular car for girls teenage like Nissan Juke and Toyota Yaris.

Nissan Juke has own plan the first place for girl teenage

Nissan Juke is not as small as Toyota Yaris, but it is some advantages like a bit more space in the boot, unusual style SUV and specific saloon.

Some drivers says that it has sort of cheap looking interior. Also Juke seems high, but there are no so much details from the really SUV in this car. The ride on the Juke is enough well to feel comfortable.  Juke seems to be good by the motorway riding, and around the city. But, If 1.6 motor seems to be underpowered for motorway you can choose other model car. Many parents don`t want their teenager to be tempted racing cars.  Why are SUVs so popular in USA?

Nissan Juke for girl teenagers

Which Is Better: Toyota Yaris or Nissan Juke?

If this does not help to determine best car for teenagers, we urge you to read cars` characteristics. Technical information will help you understand which car is better for your child. The cars` estimate we can do for three parameters like: power engine, Car seats comfortable and Interior Quality.

Engine: Needs More Power

The both cars Nissan Juke and Toyota Yaris needs more power. Toyota Yaris has a 106-horsepower 1.5-liter four-cylinder motor in standard.  This engine has enough power for city, but it`s not enough at high speeds or when going uphill. Yaris sedan comes with a six-speed manual transmission, which provides deliver smooth shifts transmissions.

Nissan Juke has a 94-horsepower 1.6-liter motor. So if you want more power you can buy other version of a car with a 116 horsepower 1.6 liter X-tronic motor or with 190 horsepower 1.6 DIG-T motor.

Car Seats

There are no a big space on the rear seats in Yaris. There are two sets of latch car seat connectors and an upper tether for the middle seat. Car`s Seats are not most comfortable but they provide enough back support. In different from Toyota – Nissan Juke has some issues with the seats. Some drivers having low back pain during the drive. They say that can`t get the seats adjusted where my butt doesn’t sit lower than my knees. It`s can be important problem. There’s enough space in the Nissan Juke for two ussually adults in the back seats. The third passenger will be at a squeeze between, because has no seat adjustability here. You can find information about most comfortable SUV seats here. The Nissan Juke`s advantages is sits you high relative to the road.

Interior Quality

The Yaris interior consists of soft-touch surfaces and it has well-constructed layout. Of course you can find pair hard plastics into the saloon but it`s rarity. Some owners think that the Yaris cabin looks richer than its price. A good addition are cloth upholstery and front sport seats which installed in standard. The Juke has the hard interior plastic surfaces. However, there are many interesting details divert your senses like chrome door handles, unusual cupholders, a leather-rimmed steering wheel with knurled switches for stereo and cruise control. One of the best advantage of Juke is Nissan Dynamic Control System.

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