Dodge Challenger is more quality today

Dodge is more quality today

Initial Quality Study is competition where Dodge has usually came the last. But it`s not a fact at this year. Dodge took the eight place of the real quality cars into the top 10, thanks to the rework by the Durango. The brand of Dodge took for 8 with Japanese cars as Toyota and Lexus, ahead of other siblings. It`s very important to introduce new modern technologies within cars and yet still see modernization, – said the Head of quality for FCA North America names Mark Champine.

Dodge is more quality today

That fact that Dodge has a long time was below the industry average on annual quality surveys, its scores have been on the rising for a while.  

The Dodge Challenger has finished eight and took some wins in the sporty car segment, and the prestigious honors among minivans for last year.

Dodge has been updating the infotainment system, making modernizations to the powertrains and changing the interiors. Updates of the cars is less risky from a quality perspective than launching a brand-new car. It was a good job of balancing and keeping the vehicles competitive in the market.”

Today Dodge is calling card these days. Dodge we’ve been able to do is make a competitive brand from a quality perspective, and it’s already got a great personality from a performance perspective. Also, they made performance more accessible to the masses.

Tech savvy of Dodge

Dodge has worked to create new engine technologies, options, and special modern packages with 17-inch tech silver aluminum wheels in the complete set. Dodge has definitely some untapped potential there. A sporty SUV under Durango should sell very well as long as it has real big power.

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