Honda Accord 2007 – Most Beautiful Accord for All Time

When the 2007 Honda Accord went on sale, I immediately understood that I need this car. Its clear aggressive design, clear lines give the feeling of the right car. For you to understand, I have nicknames for some cars, like a dumpling or a cart. But Honda Accord 7 presents a completely different, positive feels, even when you just look at this car. In my understanding, the Honda Accord 7 is a really real Accord. I will tell you about the feelings after driving the car.

Honda Accord Type S 2007 with manual transmission and 190 hp engine
I will try to tell you more about the reliability of this car, the quality of the interior and other details that interest you. It looks so impressive, solid and pretty thanks to the body kit, overlays and bumpers, especially straight lines. There are few good cars left on the market to buy. Many Honda Accord have already been in an accident and have painted parts. If you have found a good Honda Accord, you are very lucky.

In general, the car looks stylish and organic.
Let’s see what’s under the hood.

Honda Accord 7 under the Hood

I am very pleased that the Honda Accord is structurally not complicated. Spare parts for it are not very expensive. Motor 2.4 i-VTEC 190 HP, 4 cylinder, installed transversely.
MacPherson and multi-link suspension, 6-speed manual transmission, i-VTEC gas distribution system (increases traction at low and high revs). The lucky combination and tuning will make the most of 2.4 l. high-tech motor.

History Operating of Honda Accord 7

I bought my car with 120 thousand miles. Then he drove another 25 thousand miles. During this time, I only changed the front right-hand drive.
This is a rather expensive part. A torn ball joint boot may be the cause of drive failure. Buying the original Honda Accord drive cost me $ 300.

I did not find any more problems during the operation of the Honda Accord. In addition, I spent money on changing the oil and working fluids, which goes without saying. I had driving for it every day before I sell it.

The car body is very rigid, aerodynamic, the amount of noise is minimal, and the car holds the road well.

Many Honda drivers say the Accord 7 is more valued and better looking than the 8. The Honda Accord is like expensive wine. If you keep it in good condition, it will be worth it.
Already 13 years have passed, and everyone is still going crazy about this car.
I want to note that this car is good in every detail. Thicker anti-roll bars, quality rubber seals and correct swing arm shapes. All this makes the Honda Accord reliable car.

Inside the Honda Accord 7

There is everything you need. The salon used expensive and high quality materials. Combined comfortable leather and textile seats with lateral support (giving the feel of a racing car). Inside The Honda Accord is quite quiet, the plastic is of high quality. There is enough space in the rear seats for the rear passengers to feel comfortable. There is also a very large trunk, which is also a plus.

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