How does Fuel Cell Hyundai NEXO work Using Hydrogen

Fuel Cell Hyundai NEXO

Like all-electric vehicles, Hyundai NEXO (FCEVs) uses electricity to power an electric motor. But you should understand that different to other electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles produce electricity using a fuel cell powered by hydrogen.

Reduction of car emissions into the atmosphere is one of the main forms of development automobile industry, because pollution affecting air quality in big cities, like NY and Chicago.

The main task of automotive industry is creating a cleaner environment through eco-friendly vehicles using. Recent Decades Hyundai Motor remains one of the leaders in the development of the use of water as an alternative fuel source in modern cars. The Hyundai ix35 fuel cell car is the first hydrogen-powered production car in the world.

How does Hyundai NEXO fuel cell technology work?

Hyundai NEXO fuel cell technology work

At this article we will see some information new flagship hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle named Hyundai NEXO and will learn how does NEXO fuel cell technology actually work?

«No combustion – no harmful emissions»

The only Fuel cells byproduct is water. Electricity is created when the fuel cell passing hydrogen and air through a fuel cell stack. Thus, as a result of a chemical reaction in the stack, driving a vehicle and emitting only water vapor. NEXO is an enhanced version of the ix35 fuel cell.

An ix35 fuel cell that delivers 100 kW (136 hp) and a top speed of 160 km / h. Such a vehicle can drive 594 km in one gas station. He drove enough to prove his high competition to standard cars with an internal combustion engine.

As for NEXO, it has a special architecture. This car is more powerful, lighter in weight and has faster acceleration up to 60 mph.

Considering all the disadvantages of ix35, NEXO has become more stable and resistant to temperature conditions to work in various environmental conditions.
The NEXO battery is located in the trunk, which makes the interior of the car more spacious. The fuel cell has a more advanced layout. NEXO refueling is carried out within five minutes.

NEXO features

NEXO is very important step of Hyundai’s roadmap for new environmentally-friendly models, but it is not the only outstanding development on Hyundai’s.

The combination of fuel cells with autonomous driving technology made it possible to achieve excellent results in this direction. So NEXO recently covered 190 kilometers from Seoul to Pyeongchang in Korea without any problems. Hyundai NEXO is expected to become popular in the USA.

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